About RAJA

“Only winning counts, every racehorse knows that.
But what happens when you don’t win?”


Raja loves to win. After all, he’s an elite racehorse, the best of the best and bred for greatness. But when a series of bad luck events and a fear of lightning end Raja’s racing career, he finds himself pulled into the random world of “off-the-track-Thoroughbreds.”

Raja’s journey takes him from racing on the Kentucky Derby trail to show jumping on the “A” circuit; from life as a member of New York City’s Mounted Police to the horrors of a livestock auction; and finally to the stable of retired steeplechase jockey Paddy Murphy and his sixteen-year old niece, Dee, where Raja finally has a chance to fulfill his destiny.

“Raja’s story could be true,” says author Anne Hambleton. “There are endless stories of retired-racehorses that have gone on to excel in other disciplines after racing . . . or, that have slipped through the cracks. I wanted to make RAJA realistic and full of authentic details, yet fun for young readers.”